I want to warmly welcome you in this website! This site serves as an online resource for personal finance. You will find information concerning finance, insurance, investments and more – information that will help you improve your financial position.

You will not get rich just by reading the articles in this site. That is something you need to decide for yourself and to do. I can help you by showing you the way, but you still have to open the door yourself.

Sometimes there is the problem of us not having the proper utilities to understand, let alone do in-depth studies in, the intricacies of personal finance.  In learning any complicated subject, you need a teacher or a guide. This site aims to guide you and to simplify complicated matters regarding money.

There are many great sites (and books) out there that also offer information on personal finance. My personal goal with this site is to provide information in a simple and direct manner and to make that information relevant to our daily lives.

Money matters should not be complicated. Having a deep and proper understanding about money should not require an MBA degree. This site will assist you in understanding concepts that will help you in managing your personal finances.

If you still haven’t noticed it, money stick with people who know how to handle it. One of the site’s goals then is to help people to appreciate more the concept of money and the importance of managing it well.

With this site I want to create awareness. Awareness that leads to understanding, which in turn leads to action, which eventually will lead to reaching your goals.

In this site, we will discuss various topics like:

  • what is a job, why we  are doing it and how it figures in our over-all financial plan
  • why it is important to insure ourselves
  • why it is important to invest only with money that we can afford to let go
  • why we need to pay much for “guaranteed” investments

We will also, among others,:

  • analyze forms of investment and discover how wise (or unwise) to invest in them
  • discover some tried and proven ways of successful saving and budgeting
  • know the difference between asset and investment
  • understand what assets really are, and how we can make this information work to our advantage
  • discuss about the nature of money, how it works, its built-in flaws and what we can possibly do to make it effectively work for us

I also want to emphasize the importance of getting help from the right people. We need help at some areas in our lives. We can be experts in the fields we studied and are working in, yet we may not be in the other areas. So in those that we do not know or are not sure of, let’s get some help.  We never know what good things can happen when we broaden our horizon.

I will try to make each articles concise and direct-to-the-point as much as possible. But there may be some topics that require lengthy explanation. When that happens, I will try to make the article witty and lively.

I will place each article under a category or two for easier classification. Categories are listed at the site’s right panel. You can also use the Search tool at the top section of the site’s right panel.

Please post your comments, questions and suggestions at the bottom of each articles page. You can find my contact information at the right panel of the site. You can also contact me through the Contact page.

Good luck and God bless on our journey together in Appreciating Assets!

Yul Tero Jr.
Author & Financial Advisor

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